Every day is a new day. No matter what happened the day before. Does that mean you can't feel a certain way about yesterday? No. It simply means that you must stay present. Do not allow your mind to race upon missed deadlines or wondering about if things went differently. Well, they didn't! You can't change anything in the past. Being present in the moment and organized into actionable steps will get you results.

When you break things into actionable steps you will find you can accomplish so much more in the same amount of time. Master "time blocking" to know when you should be working on what and be accountable.

Your success will greatly be affected by how well you manage your time. Having a morning restart ritual can be a great way to acknowledge the day before center on the moment and focus on the tasks ahead. Make this a 10 min six-day a week morning ritual and you will get to your goals faster and with less effort, and without dragging the mistakes of yesterday into the next day and the next.

10 Min Focus Morning Ritual - How to Start a Day

3 Min of focus on what you can take away from the day before ( Write it down )

3 Min of focus on what solutions you are taking moving forward ( Write it down )

2 Min of deep breathing exercises focusing only on yourself and getting centred

2 Min writing what you are grateful for and your intentions for the day

Try it for yourself and tell me all about your results!

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